Most Recommended Dining Places In Budapest

Dining scene is Budapest is as beautiful as the city. You must have known already that Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and one of the major tourist attractions in Europe. It is a perfect travel destination both during winter and summer. The city itself has very unique charms that attract international and local visitors. Budapest is the center of Hungary’s tourism that boost quality aspects of Hungarian culture, history, and tradition. You can experience through Hungarian culinary you can enjoy in one of the most recommended restaurants in Budapest. 

Most Recommended Dining Places In Budapest

Scenic restaurants in Budapest worth visiting for

Budapest has many fine dining establishment scattered throughout the city. You can find some of Europe’s best dining places in Budapest, such as.

MAK Bistro

MAK Bistro is a high-end restaurant with cozy atmosphere. In Budapest’s restaurant scene, this restaurant is one of the best to highlight. You will get to experience the local taste combined with artistic innovation from talented chef. You will get a taste of traditional flavor of Hungarian cuisines. There is also wide variety of fine wine in this restaurant to accompany your food selection. 

Costes Downtown

Most Recommended Dining Places In Budapest

Costes Downtown is a one Michelin star restaurant that is popular in Budapest. This is where you get to enjoy quality dining experience. This restaurant has a laid-back style offering bistro experience. There is variety of artistic dishes served in this restaurant you can choose. Another charm of this restaurant is the open kitchen where professional chef and the team prepare the foods. 


Paprika is a restaurant in Budapest often crowded with tourists and the locals. This is a place where you get to taste delicious dishes with affordable price in a cozy dining place. Not to mention that portion is enormous. If you are budget traveler, this place is a good start to visit because you will get delicious and large size Hungarian delicacy without digging too deep into your wallet.  


Most Recommended Dining Places In Budapest

Onyx is a two Michelin stars restaurant and said to be the only one in Hungary. This restaurant is located in a very strategic location near Cafe Gerbeaud. In this restaurant, you will get to taste Hungarian delicacies with forward-looking evolution. You can choose variety of dishes from domestic production selection or more innovative cooking approaches. 

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Tokmag Vegan Street Food

Tokmag Vegan Street Food is a plant-based restaurant where you get to enjoy burgers, sandwiches, soups, and more. Its location is not far from the Hungarian Parliament. It is withing walking distance. This is a heaven for plant-based cuisines enthusiasts. The foods in this restaurant are healthy and tasty. There is a wide selection of foods to choose.


Torokmez is highly recommended place to enjoy breakfast or brunch. It is located not too far from the Buda castle. This cafe has cozy setting which can make you feel comfortable during your visit. There is wide selection of the menu to order including omelette, arabica coffee, toasts, acai bowls, and more. If you are late for breakfast or brunch, come in the afternoon to enjoy your favorite coffee. 

Diving Lessons for Beginners: Plan A Dive Part I

As you complete your first Open Water certification, you become a fully licensed beginner diver. You will be ready for your first dive trip and, eventually, planning your own dive trip. On some of your few first dive trip, you might rely on local dive tours. However, eventually you will need to make a dive planning as your regular routine. Don’t just rely on your Divemaster. Dive planning help a diver to be aware of what to expect underwater, how to make it more enjoyable, what to do next, and everything that goes with it. Planning a dive might not be taught on your Open Water certification—but this is an essential diving lessons for beginners that you absolutely need to learn.

Diving Lessons for Beginners: Plan A Dive Part I

Diving Lessons for Beginners on Making a Perfect Diving Plan

Type and Objective of the Diving

What kind of diving are you heading to? Is it wall diving? Are you going for drift diving? Cavern diving? Night diving? Regular diving in shallow depth? It’s essential to know the type of your dive firsthand before moving on to the next plan. Also, if you just complete your diving lessons for beginners, you might be not qualified yet for some types of diving.

Plan the objective of your diving. Enlist what kind of marine flora and fauna you expect to see on the site. Make sure you and your dive buddy have the same pace for everything—especially on sightseeing. 

Conditions of the Dive Sites

Diving Lessons for Beginners: Plan A Dive Part I

How’s the currents and visibility? Is the water warm enough for a 3mm dive-suit? Should you flag your buoy-marker all time due to the condition? Also, pay attention to the weather forecast. Is it going to be sunny all day? Should you expect rain sometimes during the day? 

Is Your Diving Lessons for Beginners Enough for This Site?

This is essential to know on the earliest stage of the planning. Do initial research of the previous step, condition of the dive sites, at home. See if your license fit to the dive condition. If you just complete the PADI Open Water certification (or equivalent), you might not be qualified to dive deeper than 18 meters. You might also not advised to dive in strong currents, participate in drift diving, have cave diving, and other extreme diving. Check if you need to take specialty courses (e.g nitrox courses) before the dive. 

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Calculate the Depth, Time, and Air Limits

Here’s when the theories you’ve learned during the diving lessons for beginners. How deep is the dive site? Calculate the depth of the site with air supply and see how much time you can have underwater.

Are the Gear Goods?

Always check whether the equipments are good to go. Know when was the last time the gears maintained. Never ever dive with bad gears. They will only risks your life. 

Enhance Your Beauty By Having A Spa Tour In Seoul 

In South Korea, taking care of your health and skin is not indulgence but necessity. No wonder K-beauty keeps increasing. Not to mention that South Korea is crowned as one of the top 10 beauty markets in the world. Nurturing skin is essential for South Korean regardless of ages and gender. Thus, do not get surprised to see various spas started from traditional to modern ones. For Korean, nurturing their skin is not about looking flawless bur rather than a form of self-care. If you agree, might as well trying a spa tour in Seoul during your visit to South Korea. 

Experiencing satisfying spa tour in Seoul

There are many beauty facilities you can spot in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Aside from food hunting or shopping, it is highly recommended to try a spa tour that will benefit your skin health.

JJimjilbang is a Korean bathhouses open for public use. There are many of them scattered around the city. There are many types of Jjimjilbang you can find in Seoul today. Most Jjimjilbang in Seoul open 24 hours. This is where you can have new experience of sauna treatments. You can also try a seshin, a thorough Korean scrub. If you have sensitive skin, it might be a little bit painful. Traditional and simple Jjimjilbang usually not cost a lot. 

Soaking in the pool

spa seoul

There are usually particular orders to have a spa treatment in Jjimjilbang especially the modern ones. Before getting scrubbed by the mistress, you will be required to soak in the pool for about 30 minutes in medium water. It has purpose to relax your skin and to make it easier to scrub the dirt and dead skin cells later.They also use bar soap instead of liquid shower gel. It is also done with a purpose. They say liquid shower gel will make your skin too slippery making it harder for the mistress to scrub your skin properly. Therefore, bar soap is used during pre-soak shower. 

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Another point of Korean spa treatment is the differences of water temperature of each pool in the facility. Every Jjimjilbang provides various pools with different water temperature to enjoy. There are pools with very cold temperature and there are also the ones that cause molten sensation to your entire being. Basically, you can choose which pools to soak in. As for the scrub treatment, you may be directed to particular pools by the mistress. 

Scrubbing time

When the scrub time arrives, you will be laid down on the mattress naked. Then, your body will be scrubbed thoroughly and sometimes, painfully. They use special towel called Korean Italy towel to scrub your skin. The towel has sandpaper-like textures to make it easier to peel off dead skin. The process can be painful especially for those who try it for the first time. However, this treatment can help relax your body because the scrubbing is followed by massages throughout your body. After, you can enjoy some healthy snacks and drinks that said to promote healthy skin.

Bali Tattoo Studio Tips: Things Your Tattoo Artists Wish Your Know

Stepping your feet into a Bali tattoo studio is certainly unlike stepping foot into just any other shop. The process of getting a tattoo in general is a complex one. It involves finding the artist and a reputable tattoo studio. What are some of the things that are useful for you to know when it comes to getting tattooed? 

Bali tattoo studio reminds that it’s a collaboration 

studio tattoo bali

You think that you could simply dump an image or a description and then your Bali tattoo studio will immediately know just The One design that would suit you perfectly? Purchasing for a tattoo service is not like ordering a pizza. There isn’t one recipe that fits all. So what should you do? What does your tattoo artist expect from you in order to actually create? 

Work together with your Bali tattoo artist! 

Since your tattoo artist is working on your piece, based on what you have envisioned, the next natural course of action would be you working together creating that awesome ink work; one that would be permanently etched onto your skin. 

bali tattoo studio

Studio tattoo Bali: what should you do? 

  • Consult with your tattoo artist. While small pieces can usually be discussed over mails or be covered in one appointment before your inking appointment, large pieces take more work than this. And not just 
  • Know your artist’s process. Don’t just assume that once you put down that deposit, your artist will sit on it until you’re there at the appointment time. Nope, there’s a lot of work to be done. Each artist work differently; artwork is a highly individual process and this of course applies to Bali tattoo studio. One of the best effort that would pay off is to ask your artists directly about what’s their process.
  • Many artists will be happy to provide you with their sketches when you ask. This isn’t exactly standard practice, as tattoo projects highly varies. Make sure that you ask your tattoo Bali in order 

Communicate well, but don’t tell your tattoo artist what to do 

As we’ve established so far, communication is an extra important part in creating your very own tattoo experience. But is there anything like over-communication? Yes, and it’s called micro-managing, and none of the Bali tattoo studio likes clients who micro-manage. Don’t tell your Bali tattoo artist what to do. 

tattoo artist bali

The best thing to do when getting a Bali tattoo once you’ve consulted with your tattoo artist is to simply let them be an artist. Remember why you pick the Bali tattoo studio and the artist in the first place and why you like them. With a good communication that started off your tattoo project, the best thing you could do next is to let them do their job. 

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Becoming a tattoo artist takes time 

And many clients underestimate the process. You don’t just jump into becoming a successful tattoo artist that’s permanently a part of a shop. Most tattoo artists spend a long time as an apprentice, and that means long hours and months of unpaid work. They needed to build portfolio, connections, and continuously get their work out there. So tip your artists, it helps them a lot in the long run. 

The Most Important Items To Pack For Winter Getaway 

Winter getaway can be fun and troublesome at the same time. It is fun to think that you will get to do many things. However, you are faced with the reality of extreme temperature to fight off. It is not only the cold though. There are many things you should be cautious of when it comes to winter vacation. The wind, the rain, heavy snowfall are also things you should be prepared of. Therefore, you should pack the right essentials before going for the vacation. 

The Most Important Items To Pack For Winter Getaway

Packing most important items for winter trip

Being prepared is necessary especially when you are planning to have winter trip. Of course, fretting over details can put you in stressful situation. However, you pack all the right essentials at least to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable even during the harsh weather. Here are the most important essentials you should pack for winter getaway.

Down Jacket for Insulation

Down jackets are very essential to fight off the cold during winter. You must pack them because they are great insulator that protect your body. Not to mention that they are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting wet from rain, snowfall, etc. If you have any, bring down jackets with detachable hood so you can pack them easier in your luggage.

Thermal Clothes to Combat Harsh Weather

Thermal clothes are also essentials to fight against the harsh weather during winter vacation. You can bring thermal underwear or long john. They will keep your body warm every time. It is also a must to pack some scarves to protect your exposed skin from cold. They are also handy to protect your neck. Choose scarves made from cashmere as it is the best material to keep you warm. Do not forget to pack beanies and some pairs of gloves as well to protect your heads and hands from cold.

The Most Important Items To Pack For Winter Getaway

A Pair of Boots

You should pack the right footwear for winter getaway. It is highly suggested to pack a pair of boots. They can keep your feet dry for example due to the moisture from the snow. They are also great insulators without keeping moisture inside. Therefor, your feet will stay comfortable and nice. Choose waterproof boots with stable grip in the soles to prevent you from slipping. 

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Extra Moisturising Skin Care

Skin care products are also important to pack especially with the harsh weather during winter. Important items to pack include sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer. UV radiation is not only the most dangerous during summer. In fact, the stronger one is during winter. Thus, always wear sunscreen before going out. Then, lip balm and moisturizers are important to retain moisture in your lips and skin.

Personal Medicine

Other important essentials for winter vacation include medicine to help you recover faster when you suffer from ailments caused by the harsh weather during your trip. Common sickness during winter include flu, fever, cough, etc. If you have particular health condition, always pack your medication. It is also important to pack some hot packs especially when you are the type to get cold so easily. 

What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

Beside Tulamben and Nusa Penida, Amed is a popular diving destination in Bali. Amed is especially popular among macro and muck dive fans, but the region appeals for all kind of divers. Thanks to the beautiful coral landscape underneath the water and some signature dive sites, the Amed Wall and Amed Pyramids, Amed grows into a lively small neighbourhood consisting humble dive shops and dive schools, quiet resorts, homestay, local restaurants, and some pampering spas for after-dive relaxation. This small town nestled in the north east Bali. Far from the hustle and bustles of mainstream tourism in the south. Amed offers not only great diving experience, but also tranquility and connectedness to the nature. 

What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

Amed’s underwater life boasts bursting corals, sea turtles, amusing artificial reefs, and dozen other attraction. Diving in Amed is vibrant and the community is supportive. This region is a must for every divers looking for a leisure yet fulfilling dive in Bali. And here are few of many things you can enjoy in Amed. 

Amed Wall Diving

The spectacular Amed Wall dive is located just 5 minutes away from the Amed beach. The wall start from 10 meters below the surface and descend to 35 meters down. White tip sharks often patrols around the wall, while napoleon wrasse and school of batfish get busy round and about the blooming coral wall. You will probably see some big trevally fishes hanging around, too. If you are certified for deep diving, you will have the chance to spot the rare pink pygmy seahorses between gorgonian fans after 30 meters depth!

The Big Fishes

Big fish lovers won’t be disappointed as Amed has plenty of them! Head to Bunutan and Gili Selang dive sites. The Bunutan is home to snappers and reef sharks as well as garden eels who like to hide around the corals. Gili Selang offers more challenging dive, with stronger currents and tides. However, stronger currents means richer nutrients and that attracts more pelagic such as reef sharks and hammerhead sharks, tuna, and barracuda. On rare occasion, Mola mola the sunfish are also spotted in this site, so test your luck!  

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Muck Diving

What Can You Do in Amed Diving?

With abundant sea critters living in the sandy bottoms, Amed diving offers outstanding muck dive that would please any macro enthusiast! The Ghost Bay gives top class muck diving experience. The site consist of brown, almost muddy sea floor with bits of broken corals and rocks. This is an ideal environment for sea critters to thrive and hide from predators. Highlight of the dive includes tiger shrimps, Harlequin shrimps, frogfish, nudibranchs on all colours, ornate ghost pipefish, mini octopus, and if you are lucky, the pigmy seahorses. Many divers also report seeing coconut octopus and bobtail squid!

Amed Pyramid Diving

The Pyramids are iconic to Amed. This is a shallow dive site with only 5 – 20 meters depth, which make it great for beginners, free divers, and snorkelers alike. The site is named after concrete  pyramids on Balinese style planted on the ocean floor, which act as artifical reefs for the corals. It was part of the conservationists and divers to attract more marine animals to the area. You’ll see that the mission succeed, as you’ll see plenty of snappers, pipefish, eels, and Harlequin sweet lips wander round and about the area. Sometimes you can even see sea turtles and the majestic rays passing, which is a delight to every diver!

Most Recommended Foods to Try In Malta

Malta is a perfect island to spend your vacation. It has great nature you can enjoy through various activities. The island of Malta also has great sister island, Gozo, which is a must to explore as well. In Malta, you can have any kind of trip started from relaxing vacation to outdoor trip. You can leisurely enjoy the beautiful architecture on foot. Or, you can also choose to have a boat ride to explore the waters through the caves and rocks. If you are into more intense or extreme activities, you can try diving or hiking. Or, cycling on Gozo Island is also highly recommended. As for foodies, there are many types of delicacies in Malta you can explore as well. 

Maltese foods to try in Malta

The distinctive flavor and rich of Maltese foods taste are influenced by different civilizations that have been occupying Malta. Traditional Maltese delicacies are also worth a try. The locals usually use simple seasonings but still taste heavenly. Here are most recommended delicacies to try in Malta:


Ftira is a Maltese bread served with dabbing oil and tomato sauce. The filling inside the bread is tuna fish salad. The bread is always accompanied by potato chips when it’s served. It taste relatively cheap as well. You can have a satisfying Ftira for 4-5 Euro. The size is quite big so you can have it for breakfast or lunch. From the outside, it looks similar to regular burger. However, it tastes different due to the filling and the bread itself. 

Matese Salads

Maltese salads are highly recommended to try when you are in Malta. Salad is healthy food you can have anytime. Maltese salad consists of ham, aubergine, sausage, capers, olives, tomato, greens, and deep-fried sheep/goat’s cheese. The flavor of this salad is quite simple but still tasty. You can taste the cheese right away when you have your first bite. This healthy Maltese salad will help you to keep in shape during your trip in Malta.

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Pastizzi is a type of pastry. It has flaky texture with savory taste. Pastizzi usually has savory filling made from ricotta or mushy peas. This is one of the most popular food in Malta. You can practically find it everywhere. There are street vendors and stands that sell this Maltese pastry. It costs around 30-60 cents per piece. It is great choice for snacking as well. 


Imqaret is more of traditional Maltese food. It is categorized into sweets. It is made with pastry that is filled with deep-friend dates. This food is simple yet delicious. You can find it everywhere in Malta from street vendors to restaurants. In restaurant, Imqaret is often served with ice cream.

Modern & fusion cuisines

Malta also has modern foods you can try. There are restaurants that offer modern cuisines. One of the most recommended foods to try is Goat/sheep cheese Raviola. It is similar to Italian pasta. However, it uses Maltese sheep/goat cheese. It tastes amazing and you should not miss it. The perfect blend of modernity and authenticity is served on the plate.

Menu Catering for Wedding: How to Plan out a Delightful Meal

Planning menu catering for your upcoming event can be one of the things that may pose as a headache. It can be tricky, planning a comprehensive and memorable catering menu. But whether  you’re holding a destination wedding or a conference, one thing you that’s a must is finding a reliable Bali catering to fulfill your event’s needs 

Planning a menu catering: how many guests are going to be attending? 

Get a headcount as soon as possible. This is one of the most crucial information you’re going to need to have before you start approaching and sending inquiries to any caterers. Approaching any Bali caterer and discussing menu catering without any headcount is like walking into a disaster blindfolded.

So always have a headcount estimate before you send any inquiries to any caterer. If you really aren’t sure, you can always have several estimates at once. For example, you can ask for the price of 30-50 people, 50-100 people, 100-150 people respectively. 

Think of the entire menu as an experience 

Here’s the backbone of a frame that you can keep in mind whenever you’re planning a menu catering, whether it’s a wedding or other events. 

  • Main dish. Goes without saying that this is the most important thing that you should definitely consider first in creating delectable menu catering for your event. 
  • Appetizers. You can forgo this is you already plan an extensive selection of snacks. 
  • Snacks and side bars. This is something that goes increasingly popular in many events, whether it’s weddings or corporate events. 
  • Beverages. If you plan on having alcoholic beverages, make sure that your caterers have the necessary license, and a selection of vintages that you prefer. 
  • Dessert. 

Take notes of special dietary needs for your guests 

Special dietary needs is just one of those considerations that you have to take and accommodate for your guests. Most catering have their own set of menu catering options like the vegetarian menu. Don’t try to accommodate everyone. That’s just not possible. Vegan, gluten-free, pescestarian, the list is endless. The rule of thumb in providing for this is to have a solid selection of vegetarian dishes. It has to be a solid selection, as in, the dishes are not added as if in an after-thought. 

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Menu catering Bali that are well-loved and popular 

There are lots of menu catering that you can choose from. Bali in particular has its own set of unique dishes that somewhat sets it apart with other parts of Indonesia. You have a very wide range of options to choose from. But of course, there are several favorites that are well-loved by both the locals and non-locals. The favorite local dishes that you can’t go wrong with:

  • Satay. Whether it’s chicken satay with peanut sauce or the well-loved sate lilit, satay is a must. Satay is one of those extremely versatile catering menu that you can customize and choose from a wide array of choices from. 
  • Ayam lalapan. Delectable chicken serving, it can be both grilled or fried, this dish is delightful for its simplicity. Sambal and an assorted of vegetables are a must. 
  • Rendang. Who doesn’t love rendang? The rich taste of the various spices used in this Minangkabau specialty dish is something that’s going to spoil your taste buds rotten. Easily one of the best dishes we’ve tasted while in Indonesia. 

Recommended Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers

Travelling alone can be exciting yet nerve-wrecking at the same time. It is even worse to do it the first time. You might have used to travel with your families and friends. However, travelling solo can feel different. You are on your own and you don’t have someone you are familiar with you can rely on when you have problems in the middle of the trip. This sounds scary but it is not in reality. Sometimes, it is just nerve-talking. Once you overcome your fear, you will see that solo travel can be very much fun too. 

Best destinations for first time solo travelling

One of the best ways to overcome your anxiety is to choose safe travel destination. This can help you feel somewhat secure knowing that the place you are going to visit doesn’t have any major threats or danger. Here are several most recommended destinations for first time solo travelling.


Paris is a great destination for solo travelers not only lovers. You can visit Paris without the intention to have a romantic getaway with your partner. Travelling solo in Paris will make you feel safer. There are many places you can explore throughout the trips started from artistic museums, beautiful scenery, to warm coffee shops. You can rent a bike to explore the city with ease. Make sure to dress comfortably like a locals and enjoy the trip. 

New York

New York City might not be the most visited travel destinations in the world. However, it is a great start for you to travel solo without worrying if you look too nervous to others.  The buzz of the city will make you forget that you are travelling alone, you can effortlessly blend in with your surroundings. There are many areas you can explore too during the days such as Harlem, Downtown, and Brooklyn. Solo food hunting is also highly recommended when you are in New York City.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. There are many attractions to enjoy during your vacation in this lovely place. Not to mention that New Zeland is relatively safe even for solo female travelers. It is also safe and easy to get around. You can eat out in local restaurant or visit local bars to enjoy delicious foods and wine. Do not forget that New Zealand also has great nature you should try to explore during your visit to make your trip worth. 


Indonesia is also a great destination if you are planning for solo travelling. There are many cities you can choose as your ultimate destination such as Bali, Yogyakarta, and Bandung. Those are safe cities where you can roaming around solo. Not to mention that travel expense to Indonesia is relatively cheap. Locals foods are cheap and delicious. Accommodation fee is also less expensive. As for transport, there is wide variety of choices you can choose. Do not surprise to meet many solo travelers as well as backpackers during your visit to Indonesia, especially in the cities mentioned earlier.

The Steepest Roller Coasters In The World You Should Try

Earlier we have mentioned the fastest roller coasters in the world. They are scary yet exciting at the same time. Lots of people are always saying they are afraid of roller coasters but also curious at the same time to truly feel the thrill of the ride. Speed is not the only scary thing about roller coaster. The steepness is also the one that can make you feel like closer to your own grave. The steepness of roller coaster can send you another type of thrill during the ride. 

Challenge yourself to these steepest roller coasters in the world

There are costars with extreme drop that can leave you screaming or freezing. The steepest the coaster, the more extreme the drop you feel experience throughout the ride. The drop is one of the most anticipated momentum when riding roller coaster. It is said that the drop with 90 degrees is already terrifying. Well, is there more than that?

Monster Coaster is part of Adventureland. It has steepness at 101 degrees. This coaster is made by the same company that created Euro-Fighter coaster. However, this one is built in different model. This coaster reaches 65 mph which includes 5 inversions. It is located in Adventureland Park, Altoona, Ohio. The type of this ride is steel coaster and it stands on 133 feet. 

Steel Hawg has extreme steep as well. Its steepness is at 111 degrees. This ride uses a single-car trains which fits for four passengers. To spice up the thrill, this coaster incorporates Wild Mouse style hairpin turns. If you like challenges, this one ride is for you to explore. The location of this steep coaster is in Indiana, precisely in Indiana Beach, Monticello. 

Cannibal is another steepest roller coaster in the world you should totally try for your next travel plan. It is located in Lagoon and its steepness is at 116 degrees. It features enclosed, vertical lift hill that can create extreme thrill to the passengers of the cars. This coaster is the most wanted ride at Lagoon because people are curious to experience the thrill of the ride. This steel coaster can reach top speed at 70mph. 

Next steepest roller coaster is Crazy Bird which is at 120 degrees. Just like its name, this ride is crazy. It is situated inside an indoor theme park in China. This coaster has two crazy inversions; a dive loop and in-line twist. Both are thrilling and you should prepare yourself. Its precise location is at Happy Valley, Tianjin, China. Aside from being extremely steep, this coaster is also very high. Its height is 98 feet.

And the world’s steepest roller coaster goes to green Lantern with 121 degrees. This El Loco model coaster has the craziest steep drop. For adrenaline junkies, this ride is heaven. There are Wild Mouse-style hairpin turns which make you lose your mind. This coaster is located at Warner Bros Movie World, Queensland, Australia. This one of kind roller coaster is worth trying because you will experience the thrill on another level.