Travelling While Helping to Protect Endangered Species

Travelling While Helping to Protect Endangered Species

There are many types of travelling every individual prefer. Some love visiting historical places, some like seeing the wildlife. In case of travelling to enjoy rare wildlife, it is important to raise awareness of the endangered species. There are many of them all over the world you can see in their natural habitats through travelling. However, you need to be aware of the impact on them. Therefore, make sure that your trip can help protecting them as well, especially the endangered species.

Travel responsibly and help protecting endangered species

Protecting endangered species is the responsibility of everyone who lives on earth. It doesn’t have to be something difficult. Even during travel, you can contribute to endangered species protection through these actions:

Educate yourself. There are many animals already categorized into endangered species and near to extinction such as gorillas, pandas, tigers, and wolves. You can take the first step by educating yourself about the situation so you get better understanding of the implications. Endangered species do have critical effects on the health of an ecosystem. By educating yourself, you build your empathy. You will become more willing and eager to participate in protecting endangered species.

It can be challenging to do the thing that impact directly in protecting endangered species. You can start by doing small things such as choosing products you are going to use wisely. Make sure that you don’t buy products that can cause problems to the environment ans species living on it. You can do it by stop using a single-use plastics and using more natural ingredients-based products.

You can make big difference by doing small action such as reducing waste. During travel, you can bring your own reusable bottle and multipurpose items. Another thing you can do is by putting your garbage in the right places. Make sure that you put them in the designated place to ensure it stays away from the ecosystem which in return away from the endangered species as well.

Next thing you can do to travel while contributing to protect endangered species is by conserving water. Be considerate in water consumption especially for purposes such as washing, showering, etc. The unavailability of water due to the drought can put species in more risk to extinction. Water is one of the most important supports for living being to survive.

Support organization that focus on preservation and rehabilitation of endangered species. You can contribute by donating, volunteering, or spreading the words to raise awareness. Volunteering in conservation efforts also brings you more in-depth knowledge of the real situation faced by endangered species. You can get wonderful days interacting with endangered animals while helping them in real action.

As mentioned earlier, you can raise awareness by spreading the words to the world so more people are more informed about the situation of endangered species. You will open more gates for people to discuss difficult subject regarding to animal extinction so more people are encourage to help. This way, some of the damage can still be reversed. 

Discover the Magical Underwater of Triton Bay

Triton Bay

It is located at the heart of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area, Papua. Triton Bay is known as the Kingdom of Fishes. This place offers a wide variety of new species of fish, critter, and coral all the time. There are 30 known breathtaking dive spots here, the sites range from peak to shallow soft coral gardens, huge boulders covered with colourful corals, and wall and drift dives. The dive site feels like a time capsule from the past time, pristine, remote and awaiting exploration. Diving here is a rewarding water adventure in one of the regions in the world with rich biodiversity. Here, you also get the chance to see giant sea fans, Wobegon sharks, and a large school of fish. Also, there are several tiniest pygmy seahorses here.

Triton Bay Underwater

Most dive sites in Triton Bay lie in between 9 to 20 m or 30 to 65 feet. For some of the dives here, it is not necessary to go deeper than 20m as the shallower parts boast the best coral and beautiful fish action. Water temperatures remain very comfortable between 29C and 24C with very little difference throughout the year.

Best Dive Sites

Bo’s Rainbow is an island site with little to no current. The dive site is relatively shallow with an average depth of 52 feet. It has a soft coral garden and large boulders, which makes it perfect for both wide and macro photography. Here you will find that the more common underwater species, like damsels and fusiliers, ornate ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and the odd frogfish. You also can see the schools of colourful fish around the large boulders and make this a perfect spot for less experienced divers.

Christmas Rock is a dive site perfect for both wide-angle and macro photography. It is located towards the southern tip of Aiudma Island. Try to spend most of your time by drifting around to the south side of the rock. Where you will see the beautiful shallow reef, and find a few wobbegong sharks. For some macro lovers, you should dive down past the black coral bushes to head north to the small rock bommies and sandy area. You will see the Satomi’s pygmy seahorses, sawblade shrimp, the occasional frogfish, and tiny nudibranchs.

Also known as Pintu Aras, The Island of Saruenus lies in the middle of the strait. Saruenus offers four main dive spots. Every dive site has quite different characteristics.  There are darting schools of fish like damselfish, anthias, and fusiliers. This dive site is a good place if you like macro photography.

Little Komodo is one of the most sought-after diving sites in West Papua. The dive site has a strong current with its large boulders and soft, colourful corals. Here, you can find black corals and soft corals. You also can see the millions of fishes, like damsels, anthias and fusiliers as well as sweetlips and snappers. 

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Travel Tendencies Changing After Pandemic

Pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. We are no longer able to travel freely or spontaneously because it means we put ourselves and others in danger. Lots of people are having doubt about travel especially when it comes to travelling to foreign countries. Meanwhile, the majority of people are still hoping for safe travel in the future. It is not impossible because the pandemic will not stay forever. What we can do today is follow guidelines and always take precaution for every decision we make.

The changing of travel trend after pandemic

Many people in tourism industry have been predicting the future of travel trend. It is predicted that many things will change accordingly. However, it is normal because changes sometimes are inevitable. Safety will be the major issue of the travel trend in the future more than ever. People want to be reassured that their travel choice won’t jeopardize their safety and loved ones.

It is predicted that the popularity of travel destination will majorly influenced based on testing and quarantine requirements. People will choose destinations that are easy but safe to enter. Many cities have implemented tight procedure to allow people come in and out their cities. It makes people prefer to visit easier cities to enter because they don’t want to deal with complex procedure.

People’s preference of their destinations is also predicted to shift. Big cities will no longer the major attractions for travelers. Instead, they will choose places in more remote areas. Big cities are full of crowd and that’s what people want to avoid even after the pandemic. People are going to get interested to get close to the nature rather than enjoying the buzz of big cities. Nature provides more rooms for practicing social distancing. Also, nature provide fresh air to breath. There are many healing properties in the nature people can use to recover from the situation with the global pandemic.

It is also predicted that travelers will stay local for longer period after pandemic because of their trust issues to the uncertainty of the future. They don’t want to be stuck in unknown places while unexpected things like pandemic happen. Therefore, local trip is predicted to be on trend after pandemic. People will search for a sense of freedom without losing the sense of safety, hence domestic travel.

Travelers’ preference in planning their trip will change. They will choose terms that can be canceled. They will also consider insurance more. It is back to the doubt caused by the uncertainty the pandemic has brought. People will choose refundable booking and buy insurance to ensure they still get everything covered even unexpected things happen.

Outdoor activities will be on trend after pandemic because people are already get tired of the monotony of staying inside. People are thirsty of seeing colorful things and smelling the natural scent that the world has. They are craving for doing outdoor activities that can make their body feel the buzz.

Baliem Valley, Exploring the Wild Beauty of Papua

Baliem Valley

Papua is an incredible destination. Much of this area is covered in thick jungle, a land of rich traditions and fascinating tribal culture. It often referred to as Indonesia’s Last Frontier. The differences between Papua and the rest of Indonesia are stark.  Papua is part of the Melanesian ethnicity, some tribes have 250 different languages.  In addition, only a few Papuans really follow a modern lifestyle. One thing that makes Papua is so famous is the spectacular beauty of Raja Ampat.  But, it is not just about Raja Ampat. Papua has another amazing destination spot to enjoy, and that is Baliem Valley. There’s nowhere better to experience the wild beauty of Papua than visit this place.

Where is the Baliem Valley?

It is located in the highlands of Papua, on the easternmost side of Indonesia’s, and was only discovered in 1938 by Richard Archbold during an expedition on the island. The main town is Wamena which is the starting point for most tours and is the gateway to explore the most fascinatingly traditional tribal cultures into The Yali, Lani and Dani tribal lands.

Getting to the Baliem Valley

The Baliem Valley tour is reach by taking a flight. Therefore,  you can fly from the Capital of Papua, Jayapura. It’s about 40 minutes. To reach Jayapura isn’t that difficult, the flights between Jayapura to Wamena are operated by Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, and Garuda Indonesia. To travel the Valley, you have to bring the special permit called a surat jalan. No Need to worry, it’s pretty easy to get one of these at Wamena or Jayapura.

Best Time to Visit?

As Papua is located on the east side of indonesia, this place is pretty dry and the climate between 20 to 30 c in the days. Isn’t it good news for travel enthusiasts? You can visit the valley feasible all year round. But, the right time to visit is probably between March to September. The best month to come here is August, at that time you can witness the famous Festival in Wamena.

Fun activities to do!

Learning history is a must thing to do here. For instance, you have the chance to see the centuries old mummy. The mummies are old around 200- 400 years old. The local people keep the mummies of an ancestor in the house for some ceremonies like marriage and funerals.

Another thing to do here is by attending the annual festival. The massive festival will be held in August at Walesi, Jayawijaya, it aims to introduce and preserve the culture of traditional tribes. Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

Additionally, the most popular to do here is travelers can trek through the tribal villages. Travelers are able to enjoy the beautiful landscape and make a new experience about the lifestyle of the Dani, Lani, and Yali tribal cultures. Visiting the marvellous area in the small villages filled with traditional lifestyle, will take you to the new world far away from the present time.

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Must Try Foods When You Travel to Canada

While the situation regarding to the covid-19 is still on going, meaning we don’t really know when we will fully recover, we can still plan a well-deserved vacation. When the green light for travel is given, you already have plans in hand. Besides, this way you can plan your trip more thoroughly. There is no chance to forget including something in your itinerary. While waiting for the situation to get better and fully recover, we can check out these amazing foods Canadians enjoy the most:

Amazing foods Canadians enjoy the most!

Maple syrup is one of the most iconic foods in Canada. In fact, they produce 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Of course, many will argue that maple syrup is not authentically Canadian dish. However, this is such an iconic food that cannot be missed on the list since Canadians adore it so much. Some might think that maple syrup is only for sweet dish. However, it is pretty versatile that you can use it to make even savory dishes. The best place in Canada to find maple syrup with high quality is Quebec.

Donairs is next Canadian’s dish worth travelling for. This is basically beef dish where ground beef is used as main ingredient. Other things to add include diced veggies and garlic sauce. All ingredients are wrapped up in warm pita for more practical eating. The taste is spicy and salty. This dish is originally from Greece and introduced in Canada in 70s. Canadians enjoy this dish anytime but especially around midnight. If you like having midnight snack, this can be an ‘it’ dish for you.

Poutine is a must-try food in Canada worth travelling for. It is literally he combination of French fries and cheese curds and smothered in a tasty gravy. Vancouver is where you can find the tastiest Poutine in Canada. This can be your go-to snack when you are in Canada. However, it can be fulfilling for your stomach since it is basically made from potatoes.

Beavertails one of the most popular and favorite dishes in Canada. It is not actually beaver’s meat that you eat. Beavertails is practically deep-fried doughnut. It is usually topped with a butter and cinnamon sugar dusting. The texture of this dish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The reason why it is called Beavertails might be because the way the dough is pulled by hand to resemble beaver’s tails. The best place to find warm Beavertails in Canada is at ByWard Market situated in Ottawa.

Nanaimo bars is another iconic dish from Canada. This is Canadian dessert consist of three layers. Each layer contain different ingredients. The first layer consists of a wafer, nut, and coconut crumb. The middle layer consists of custard icing. The layer on top consists of chocolate ganache. One interesting fact about Nanaimo bars is that it doesn’t require baking process to make one.

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Misool Papua

Misool Papua

Misool Papua is a remote, tropical hideaway, one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat. It is located at the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, Indonesia.  The island is almost as iconic as Bora-Bora and has many wonders. You can expect dramatic small islands, the most beautiful landscape, clear seawater, rich underwater life, and generally wonderful panorama. You can also find many unique spots and marine parks, which are excellent. Besides enjoying the panoramic landscape and sea travel, several villages are also worth visiting. It will give you experience and knowledge of the local culture. Here is what you need to know about Misool before deciding to go there for your trip.

How to get there?

To reach Misool Papua, you can fly to the airport Domine Eduard Osok in Sorong. Sorong is a domestic airport with available flights from Jakarta, Makassar, Surabaya, Manado, Ambon.  After that, the best way to explore this island’s beauty, you can choose to use a Phinisi boat tour like “Hello Papua”. The ships would be the vehicle you drive around and explore the beauty of Misool Island.

What to do and see on Misool Papua?

Misool Papua

The main attraction of the island is, without a doubt, diving. Many dive site points keep the charm of the beauty and variety in this area. You can explore this area to find scenic lagoons, shallow reefs, and crystal clear waters. Clear crystal water allows you to see a view of the underwater beauty even from the ship. One of the popular dive sites is Magic Mountain. You also can swim with baby sharks in Yillet.

Besides enjoying panoramic underwater, going for a beach picnic is a must. It would be best if you had a picnic on the rare beaches after remarkable diving at your favorite dive site. The rare beaches on the island are pure white sands, fringed with coconut trees leading out to the stunningly turquoise waters. Witness the impressive view above the sea!

Although the ocean floor and underwater scenery are the greatest attraction to travelers, the island’s landscapes are well worth your time to explore. Trekking, discovering lush forests while waiting on the sunset on the horizon. You also can climb to the highest point of land to enjoy marvelous views of the Pacific.

Another famous destination that you can visit is the human hand-shaped painting, fish, and another known as petroglyphs. You can find beautiful pictures of red, the dominant color of the estimated age of approximately 5,000 years. The beautiful historical painting’s location is somewhat hidden in the maze formed from some lagoons and karst rock.

End your trip by swimming into Lenmakana Lake. This lake is the home of the beautiful jellyfish, where you can get cheek to cheek with the jellyfish wholeheartedly.  No wonder this place is a heaven on earth!

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Most Mouth-Watering Korean Street Foods To Try

Most Mouth-Watering Korean Street Foods To Try

South Korea has everything you need for an ideal travel destination. Many travelers visit this country might be because they are drawn to the K-pop culture. However, there is more to it when it comes to Korea. You may have watched or heard about Mukbang. It is an interesting eating show you can watch in Youtube. Many Korean Mukbangers deliver interesting eating show with variety of Korean cuisines. Not to mention that it seems Korean people eat very deliciously which can make whoever watching them get hungry. 

Korean street foods worth travelling for

If you have a chance to visit South Korea, you can eat your way through Seoul to try variety of Korean street foods worth travelling for. So here are some of the most mouth-watering street foods you can find in Seoul that you might have seen in various Mukbang on Youtube:


Tteokbokki - Korean street foods worth travelling for

Tteokbokki or spicy rice cake is like a must-try street food in Korea. It is very easy to find because almost every corner of the street in Seoul has food stalls selling this red snack. It is made from rice cake along with various sauces and onions. To find the best Tteokbokki, you can head to Gwangjang Market or Myeongdong Shopping street. Be careful if you are not used to eat spicy foods because Tteokbokki can be very spicy. 


Odeng or Eomuk is also another popular street foods in Korea. It is best to eat during chilly weather because the hot soup can provide needed warmth. It is fish cake skewered on a wooden stick. It is left to boil in a very hot broth that taste savory. You can find it in various food trucks or hawker stalls. Not to mention that it is relatively cheap. Namdaemun Market and Gwangjang Market also have the best Odeng you can try. 


Pajeon- Korean street foods worth travelling for

Pajeon or savory pancake is also a must-friend to have during chilly weather. It is best to enjoy while it is still hot. This pancake is not sweet or sticky. It is crispy and best served with a dipping sauce. The batter consists of wheat flour, rice flour, scallions, and eggs. You can find the best Pajeon around Hwigyeong-dong. 


Kimbap is basically rice roll. It has appearance similar to sushi. However, it is not. It is made by wrapping steamed rice, meat fillings ( such as crab, tuna, or chicken) into a sheet of roasted seaweed. All the ingredients are rolled into a cylindrical shape. Then, sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. It is usually sliced into one-bite portion. However, it is also often for Korean to directly eat the roll without cutting it into small pieces. You can eat it with a dipping sauce or just as it is. 


Mandu or dumplings are loved by Korean regardless of age. This Korean dumplings can have different meat fillings inside. You can opt the one with minced beef, shrimp, chicken, or vegetables. It is also easy to find around Seoul. Mandu can be prepared by boiling, steaming, or pan-frying. 

5 Types of People Who Will Enjoy Komodo Trip

Now that the Komodo National Park open a direct flight from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, more and more people put this charming far-flung island to their gateway list. The remote and prehistoric-looking set of islands bewitch travelers to hop on sailing boats and explore what’s inside the national park. Though Labuan Bajo is open to all tourists, there are some people who will enjoy the trip to Komodo to the most. Let’s meet them. 

The Adventurous on Komodo Trip

The Adventurous The Adventurous on Trip to Komodo

More often than not, travelling involves on venturing out into the unknown. And everything on Komodo National Park will definitely not be in your known territories. Its savannah vegetation, high ‘lontar’ palm trees that punctuates the sky, steep and rugged topography, and unusually gigantic, venomous lizard that rule the islands are nothing like what you will see in an everyday life. The Komodo in itself is even different from the rest of Indonesia. For the adventurous, exploring new landscapes and engaging in totally new experiences are the real deal. The trip to Komodo gives this excitement which feed the spirit. 

The Travel Blogger (or Vlogger) 

The Travel Blogger (or Vlogger)

For those who dedicated their life documenting beautiful places on earth, how can they missed the exotic Komodo National Park? There are so many exciting things to be reviewed! Scores of magnificent views and panoramic landscapes to be documented on camera. The dazzling turquoise ocean, the rugged hills, the golden savannah, and tons of other beautiful things in Komodo just begged to be featured in the vlog (or blog, your choice). The sailing journey and life on boat itself is worth a quality content. There’s literally hundreds of reasons on why a travel blogger would never think twice for visiting the Komodo. 

The Curious of Everything in Life

The Curious of Everything in Life

Little is yet to know about the Komodo National Park and this remote archipelago has so much to uncover. The curious love to learn about new things. They are thrilled to interact with new cultures, honing a new skill (think about sailing!), and meeting rare animals that cannot be found in other places. Experiencing new things is the livelihood in their blood.

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The Nature Enthusiasts 

The Nature Enthusiasts

With so much different thing going on in Komodo, the nature enthusiast would probably the one to offer biggest appreciation. The Komodo trip would be a journey full of discoveries; being so close with nature in its purest form. They would love to study the unique topography, sighting endemic birds, and analyse every bits of the Pink beaches. Don’t be too surprised if they happen to be the only persons on boat to track Komodo Dragons’ ancestry back to the Megalania era!

The Avid Divers on Komodo Trip

The Avid Divers on Komodo Trip

Do you know that the Komodo National Park is among top diving destination in Indonesia? With more than 260 species of corals, 1,000 species of tropical fishes, and rare marine animals venturing the waters, the Komodo’s underwater is simply heaven for divers and snorkelers alike. Even the dive sites are so diverse. From gentle slopes to pinnacles overflowing with life, or steep wall to underwater caves, you got it all. Almost 50% of tourists in Komodo are divers and it’s easy to see why. 

Ways To Stay Safe While Having Fun On Your Trip

If you are planning to have a vacation, it is important to take necessary measurement to stay safe. Keep in mind that even the stay-at home or lockdown orders have been lifted in some places doesn’t mean you are free-risk of contacting the virus. Therefore, always be cautious and take precautions to keep yourself and others safe. Travelling put you at risk no matter how short your trip or how safe your destination is. 

Things to do to stay safe while enjoying your trip

Pandemic is evolving situation and it is still on going now. Nobody can predict when it will completely stop spreading. Thus, always follow guidelines set by forth organizations. Also, being conscious of practicing safety measures is also important no matter where you go such as wearing a mask, frequently wash your hands, and maintaining social distancing. 

It is highly recommended to book a socially distance hotel stay instead of a hotel located in a popular place with big crowds. Of course, hotels are now implementing new cleaning policies to help preventing from virus transfer. However, it is still considered safer to choose a hotel that truly implement high standard procedures while being located in relatively safe place or far from the crowd. 

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Selecting The Priority

If you are unsure about the safety of hotel, you can opt for a private vacation home for your stay during the trip. It can help minimize interaction or contact with others. However, you still have to be selective in choosing the one that implement good cleaning policies. 

Choose travel options wisely. It is recommended to take a well-planned road trip. It allows you to stay in your car safely and reduce the risk of interacting with others. You can stock up your foods and drinks enough for the trip. Also, it is advised to take fewer breaks and stops if not necessary. Just make sure that your car is in good shape so you won’t have problems while on the road. 

Alternative Option To Make Your Trip Memorable

It is recommended to choose nature-oriented trip such as camping in remote space instead of visiting a theme park or popular tourist destinations. You can have a camping or glamping with your family to spend your vacation. Pitching a tent can help reduce the exposure to unnecessary interactions or crowds while you have something to enjoy with on your trip. 


If you are used to book a trip through travel agent, it is best to work with the one offering professional service. They have spend their years in the business so they know what’s best for travelers to truly enjoy their trip while staying safe and having fun. However, it is still necessary for you to look through their travel plan so you are informed about everything. It is advised to book refundable options and pay attention to the cleaning policies. If you are still unsure about having a vacation or not, you can just stay at home and have a virtual tour instead. It is good alternative to spend your day during pandemic.

Stay in Ubud Villas During These Important Ceremony

Villas and accomodation, especially Ubud Villas are preparing to tackle huge wave of tourism as more traditional ceremonies in Bali are closer to calendar.

Bali contributed to major percentage of tourism economy in Indonesia. Concerning Bali still hold its identical value and culture along with current globalization. Also Bali are globally recognize for its beautiful panoramas, its culture and traditional ceremonies.

Important Ceremonies in Bali

Balinese events and traditional ceremonies are open to public as it attract more tourist to gather and experience unique sightseeing. Most of these traditional ceremonies possessed a strong belief and values to Balinese Hindus. Every ceremonies have different concept values and purpose to take places.

Traditional ceremonies are celebrate in every corner of Bali. There are several areas that highly rated as it delivers more uniqueness. Also, area worth to mention is Ubud, where tourist spend their vacation and get in touch to local tradition. It happens during their stay in Ubud Villas.

Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan and Kuningan are balinese ceremonies that celebrating the victory of good over evil (Kemenangan Dharma melawan Adharma). This celebration are indicate by the installation of tall bamboo (Penjor) with its offering in front of every houses.

Galungan Kuningan

The celebration estimated to take around 2 weeks time with a series of ceremonies, symbolic events and prayers. Galungan and Kuningan generally marked every 6 months in calendar year.

Ubud marks as favourite spot to celebrate this ceremonies and get in touch with the vibes. There are many traditional villages near Ubud Villas that apply this ceremonies in more exclusive and they are opening for public.

Silent Day – Nyepi

Nyepi marks as the Balinese New Year within Bali lunar calendar. Nyepi identically known for its day of silence throughout Bali for 24 hours. Any kind of activity, lighting and work are prohibited during the silent day. Balinese people believe its the process of disappearance of all evil. Ngrupuk Day (The day before silent day) also held a parade of a giant puppet made in form of evil spirits named Ogoh-ogoh across Bali.

All people and tourist must adhere to the rules during the silent day. Silent day itself represents introspection and spiritual cleansing for everyone. Its a good opportunity for every tourist to try take a break from daily activities to recharge themself.

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This ceremony represent the day upon an ancient story which about the battle of good and evil take places. Pagerwesi posses the meaning of “iron fence”, symbolic celebration for Balinese people to strengthen their fortress against evil. 

The ceremonies start with a series of events called Soma Ribek and Sabuh Emas. Colorful offerings are made as dedication to the Lord of Jewelry. During the day, Balinese people present offerings to their God of Supreme Teacher as a gesture of gratitude. Other ceremonies are also made for the holy spirit of each family’s ancestors.


Ngaben is the ceremony that represent the Balinese’s method of funeral. Every Balinese’s Hindu are obligate to these cremation ceremony as the belief of the soul of dead person proceed to the upper realm. This ceremony go through an interim state where they bury the dead person into ashes. 

Upacara Ngaben

Several offerings in forms of a bull and cremation tower prepared during this ceremony. The process include to bring these offering on a parade to the funeral place called Setra. Combined with balinese music (baleganjur), traditional dances and performances makes this ceremony more unique.

Ubud Villas To The Rescue

Ubud has become top destination to engange with the Balinese culture. Generally Ubud known as cultural capital of Bali as it provide lots of artistic and famous bali sculpture. This adds a fresh atmosphere and vibes to the table to make the journey more memorable.

Ubud Villas
Source: Kibarer Property

All these ceremonies are too bad to miss, it shares an unique experience and values for your travelling journey. Ubud Villas location are still the favourites to witness some of important ceremonies. While staying in Villa Ubud Bali, tourist will have chance to capture the moment and live in it.

There are unlimited of private villa ubud choices to make tourist’s stay more engaging. Ubud Villas in diverse location help tourist get easy access to their most wanted ceremonies.