Hunting best Coffee Shops in LA

Travelling in La is an experience you should try when you are planning to explore America. There is a lot of fun places to visit and LA is one of them especially if you are coffee lovers. There are many coffee shops offering high quality coffee you will find. Travelling is about spending your time enjoying your surroundings. Throughout your journey, being left exhausted sometime is inevitable. One of the best ways to refill your energy during your travel especially when you are in LA is by hunting coffee shops to find the best coffee. This way, your eyes will open pleasantly.

Recommended coffee shops to visit when travelling in LA

Los Angeles is always a great city to visit especially for those who want to relax and chill. If you are looking for the best time to hang out while sipping high quality coffee, here are the most recommended coffee shops you can visit in Los Angeles:

Hunting best Coffee Shops in LA

Coffee for Sasquatch is located in Melrose Ave. it has unique concept for a coffee shop that you won’t regret coming over. The wall of this coffee shop is surrounded by moss as well as a hand-painted abstract mural on the opposite side of the café. There is also a ledge filled with dangling flora which make the café looks even more interesting. The beverages are varied here completed with various pastries.

Lavender and Honey is also included into one of the most recommended coffee shops in LA you should pay a visit to, located in E Washington Boulevard. The indoor space for the seating is spacious. However, you can also enjoy your coffee at the outdoor patio. One of the most recommended to enjoy is the Klatch Coffee that they craft themselves. If you are into coffee though, there are some bars providing other drinks beside coffee such as tea bar, hot chocolates bar, etc. Not to mention that the toasts here are the best.

Aroma Coffee and Tea Company is also worth visiting when you are in LA. It is located in Tujunga Ave. this is heart-warming place where you can enjoy hot drinks, locally sourced salads, as well as salivating dessert. Lots of locals find solace in this place even though there is no Wi-Fi. People like hanging out here to simply enjoy their coffee and tea while clacking away with their laptops. Some guests come to just enjoy coffee in the reading room so they can read their favorite books in relaxing atmosphere.

Dinosaur Coffee is a coffee shop located in Sunset Boulevard. One of the most interesting points of this coffee shop is the interior design. There you can see minimalist style with plenty of space and tables in various sizes. There is also a few bistro sets out front for digital nomads as well as social drinkers. You can order anything here but most recommended ones are carry beans from Terrain and Dogwood, San Francisco’s Four Barrel, and various pies and cookies. The baristas are nice and friendly that you will feel welcomed.

Having A Solo Flores Komodo Tour

Flores is best described like a strong cup of exotic coffee. It’s earthy, wild, and fascinatingly beautiful at the same time. Undulating hills and sloping valleys hides Flores’ pristine treasures for so long from the eye of public. Flores Komodo tour is a perfect travel opportunity to the middle of frontier where you can walk on undisturbed beaches, hike on savannah fields, and sneak up to the lair of the prehistoric Komodo Dragons—the only colony left on earth. Flores offers bright lakes and waterfalls, kayak time in the midst of jagged coasts and shallow saltwater, mysterious caves with brilliant lagoon, and a warm welcome from the locals with their dance rituals and ancient traditions.

Flores has quickly emerge a new unique destination in Indonesia—and Southeast Asia—over the past decades. Ever since it’s promotion as the member of the New 7 Wonder of Nature, Flores has steadily rise from the shadow of its world-famous neighbour, Bali. Flores has steadily become a new alternative for those who are seeking beautiful places off the beaten path. And despite of its challenging geography, solo travelers are the one who are most excited about the place!

Having A Solo Flores Komodo Tour

A solo Flores Komodo tour won’t be as scary as you imagine it to be

It takes some effort to reach Flores—let alone the Komodo National Park where the main destination lies. You need to take a flight from Bali or Jakarta to Komodo International Airport and continue the journey to the national park—which are spread on the Flores Sea—by boat. A Flores Komodo tour usually consist of few days of sailing trip in the national park and few days of exploring the mountains, rice fields, and waterfalls on mainland Flores. And you have probably heard about the dragons, which are three times longer than human and unsurprisingly capable of eating a man. 

Rest assured, it won’t be as scary as you might imagine it to be. Flores and its rawness offers nothing but exciting adventure you won’t ever get in cities. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but it will quickly disappear as soon as you find a good hotel (or hostel) and reputable Komodo liveaboard boat for the sailing trip. 

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You won’t be as alone as you usually do

One thing to remember: travelling solo in Flores won’t be the same as what you’ve usually done in cities. Here, you need to join Flores Komodo tour—an arranged liveaboard sailing trip—in order to explore every nook and cranny of the beautiful Komodo. Here, you will meet other likeminded solo travelers who join the trip and make friends along the way!

You have an absolute freedom to do what’s next

Once you have set off from the liveaboard trip, you are free to determine what are you going to do next. It’s like coming back to your usual solo trip habit. Want to continue your Flores Komodo tour to the Kelimutu Mountain and watch three color-changing crater-lakes? Go ahead! Want to just chill on one of Labuan Bajo’s cafe and watch the sunset glows while sipping your coffee? It’s your time. Arrange your own itinerary and have a Flores holiday at your pace. 

Preventing Travel Hassles from Happening

A lots of travelers are worried about travel hassles even before it truly happens. It is common to feel nervous about the trip you are going to and the hassles that possibly happen. While it is true that some problems are just inevitable, some of them are preventable. It means you can do some precautions to prevent them from happening.  Everyone always wants a flawless retreat with a perfect destination and smooth journey. The reasons why you need to do all you can to prevent some hassle is your own safety and convenience. However, doing all precaution can trigger another type of stress so make sure not to overdo yourself.

How to prevent travel hassles efficiently

All travel hassles can cause you headache and stress in various level. Nobody wants to deal with any hassle when they on their dream retreat. Having a vacation means you expect less hassle life. However, life is life and travel hassle is highly possible to happen if you don’t prevent the. Here are some tips to prevent them:

It is highly advised to not procrastinate your travel plan especially when it comes to booking accommodation and transport. You see, there is a lot of options when it comes to accommodations. However, it doesn’t make your homework any less. It can give you headache if you book the wrong hotel due to last-minute booking or worse, booking on the spot. By booking your accommodation in advance, you can avoid travel hassle like wandering around the place you don’t know about just to find a place to stay the night. Besides, booking early gives you more chance to get better price.

An example of common travel hassle is stuck up in a traffic jam. To avoid this preventable hassle, you need to leave early to your destination. Being a morning person will pay off. You can also take red-eye flights to avoid long line in security check at the airport. Besides, early flight allows you to rest more and be prepared for the big day. If you are worried about travel hassle related to overcrowd at your destination, it is recommended to choose weekdays or avoid peak season.

One of the most common mishaps happening at the airport. To avoid any mishaps, make sure to stay up to date with the current on policies and restrictions. You can simply visit your airport and airline’s website to know what to expect at the airport security such as your luggage limit. This way, you will also be able to know if there is special lanes for business travelers, families, etc.

There is also common hassle related to traveler’s health problems. If you have certain problems with your health, it is highly advised to notify your airline so they will be prepared for the worst condition. They will also be more prepare to provide any help such as when your medication requires special attention. And remember to always bring your meds even when you are going on a vacation since it is vital for your health.

Why You Need to Regularly Travel or Take a Vacation

Less and less people took their vacation or paid time off. At least, it’s that way in some countries. Americans are one of those people known to not take their time off. Time off is not just important, but necessary in order to maintain even a semblance of a healthy life. Or a life at all, for that later. Traveling is certainly one of the most popular methods of spending your vacation. And it’s quite effective too. Why do you need to not just take a vacation but also travel?

You’ll get burnt out sooner or later

And it’s usually sooner rather than later. Burning out is not something that you’d want to happen. Once you do, it’s going to take time to recover from it. A change of environment in the form of travel has been proven as one of the most effective ways of spending your time off. Traveling gives that sense of novelty you need when you’re at that state of mind. 

Beautiful tourist on an excursion in the unique limestone landscape at the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve in Madagascar

Traveling somewhere is one of the most effective ways to wind up 

A change of environment is one of the known ways that is proven to be quite effective when it comes to winding down. Especially if you travel out of the country, you’ll be required to adapt rather quickly to the differences you face in your destination. If that’s not one of the most effective distractions, I don’t know what is. 

Traveling has purposes beyond just winding down 

And that is, assuming that you wholly understand the importance of relaxing and taking that much-needed break. it does wonders for you. While relaxing is among the major reasons people travel, it could be so much more than that. Traveling is a chance to learn and immerse in a different culture and likely different customs. 

Emphasis on the aspect of making it a regular thing 

One vacation every five years isn’t going to cut it. While you may not always be able to afford traveling abroad every time you take a vacation, taking regular breaks off from work and making it a point of going somewhere is more than just beneficial for you. Your body and your mind require it. 

Don’t worry about the places or destinations of travel 

If you have that one favorite place or country you love to visit no matter how much you’ve been there, then don’t hesitate to go there again and again whenever you vacation. You may be afraid if you’ll get bored of it someday. But you don’t live there; and there’s a huge distinction of actually living in the place to simply visiting the place. 

There are also travelers who make it a point to visit places they haven’t been to whenever they vacationed. This one is also a good idea, especially for those who always crave a novelty and a sense of curiosity a whole new place brings. it doesn’t have to be a whole new country altogether. A new region, a different island, it all counts when it comes to the need to travel and discover. Or simply the need of taking that break. 

Why Owl Cafes in Japan are Just Not Cool

Among the most shocking and heartbreaking claims these owls cafes told the public that “The Owl have been adopted by a new family”. The reality is that, when the shop said this, the owl had likely died. This is one of the most told lies these owl cafes often told their customers.

Owls are bird of prey that needs a certain environment to live 

The living environment at these many owl cafes is often less than suitable for animals to live in. Most spaces in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is known for its notoriously tiny rooms. This applies to not just apartments or living quarters, but various places. Some cafes and restaurants are known to have extremely narrow spaces as well.

There have been cases of owl deaths at a cat cafe due to low welfare 

One of the most notable ones (that is known, at least) is seven owls death in one year. The source has refused to mention which cafe for privacy reasons. Owls’ sickness is often difficult to detect. These animals are not vocal and they often are not able to show that they are not feeling well. These owl cafe owners refuse to take the owls to the vet when they do notice signs of illness. It goes to the point that these owls finally died. 

Lack of record-keeping by business owners regarding sales of owls 

An inspection done by the department of public health in Japan have pointed out the evidence that these owl cafes are not keeping a record book of these owls at all. There is no record of the sales of these owls at all, and the living state of these owls are highly doubted. 

The reality of the owl cafe business 

An “owl specialty cafe” certainly paints the image that the people who run this place have a certain level of experience, or even expertise, regarding these owls. Most of the time, this cannot be further from the reality. Many people purchase animals for their supposed “value”—instead of compassion in order to give them a new home and the care they need. The desire to possess is often the motivation for these people. And there’s also the question of the procurement of the owls. Procuring an animal is certainly no cheap endeavor. Some cafe owners boasts that they have gotten “rare” owls rarely found in Japan. So where do they get these owls? Why is it so easy for them to dispose of these owls when they’re sick?

Animals in captivity: it’s always a complex subject 

Confining animals to a small space is one of the most common forms of abuse. This has largely been the case with zoo controversy. Apparently, these “cafes” are not much different. An exception may be made for domestic animals such as cats and dogs, that have evolved to stay indoors and be in the company of humans. But even then, the quality of life of these animals must be evaluated regularly. Some cats cafe are known not to provide sufficient veterinary care for their animals. This includes basic things such as spaying and neutering these cats, and even vaccinations. 

How to Not Over-Plan in Your Next Travel

A too-detailed itinerary would only stress you out. Planning out your itinerary by the hour would only leave you with a vague sense of failure, in the end. Planning itinerary that is too detailed is a one way ticket to disaster. It’s simply going to stress you out. So don’t!

But most people are also going to be stressed out when they don’t have anything planned. Not everyone can pull of “making it up as you go along”. Usually, it would either end up in anxiety-ridden planning or a half-cooked plan. So find a balance in between. Having plans is almost always better for most people wanting to travel.

Planning itinerary—What to do instead? 

Plan your itinerary using the method of grouping or categorizing. One of the ways of creating a realistic itinerary that you’d actually follow is that when the list of those places or activities are actually convenient for you to do in a set amount of time you have. Plan a group of places or activities that you can do in one area. When your itinerary is realistic, it would be so much easier for you to follow through. This way, you’ll have several groups of todos that you can choose from.

Don’t stuff too much activities 

Give yourself one or a couple of extra days that are unplanned. When you’re planning, you’re in the mindset of creating “an ideal trip” and ideal rarely ever happens. For example, plan only 5 days of itinerary when you’re going on a seven days trip. This way, you can go back to do whatever activities or places you might have missed before. And not having too much things or places on your todos or itinerary would make it easier for you to go back to do it rather than feeling as if you missed something because you’re leaving something else out. Trust me, having so many missed points on your list is never a pleasant feeling!

Where to find inspirations for your activities and places to visit? 

Some people browse flights on places like Google Flights when deciding their destinations. A good airfare deal is sometimes all the push you need. And of course, browse various sites for ideas and inspiration from your best friend. By best friend, we obviously mean the internet. Sites like instagram and Pinterest are great places for you to find visual inspirations. 

Ask around in forums—be clear and specific about what you have in mind 

Generally, people on the internet have a lot of ideas they can recommend. But in order to get the most satisfying replies from those strangers, be specific about what you’re asking. You don’t have to know where or what exactly you’d like to do. But you can and should let them know of what types of activities you find engaging or fun in your past travel, what kind of place do you find relaxing, fun, or worth exploring? Sometimes, you’ll be surprised of what people recommend. They usually speak from their own experience, and what you’re getting would be something of a genuine experience. 

When the Wanderlust Kicks In: Inspirations and Finding Ideas for Your Travel

Why do you want to travel? Many people often do not ponder over this. Especially the impulsive kind. But the whys may be important for you who still don’t know whether travel is the best option for you at the moment. So figuring this out may be an important step for you. 

Think, where or how the idea first strike? Is it when you’re just idly browsing some stuff during work? Is it because you’re intrigued by your friends’ trip? Are you inspired by a stranger on the internet? Or maybe you simply need a reprieve from your everyday routine and you’ve decided travel is the way to escape for a bit? Figuring out why you want to travel may help you answer some important questions in the process of your travel planning. 

Where do you want to go? 

Are you one of those people who want to go somewhere, but you don’t know where? This often happens to both veteran travelers as well as the average folks who simply wish for a memorable vacation. Whether it’s a week-long holiday, a month-long, or simply a weekend getaway, finding out where to go can be a bit stressful sometimes. But finding out your motivations (or the source of your impulses) can help. Aside from figuring out why you want to travel in the first place, like what we’ve addressed above, you can also try some of these methods: 

Browse forum websites for ideas, one of the most resourceful ones out there is Reddit. There’s a subreddit /r/travel that is full of treasure and information not just about where to go, but wha to do in the destinations as well. This particular method is useful for those who love to go to places off the beaten path. This is where you can get insights from real people. 

Browse some inspiration from visuals on sites like Pinterest. it’s a great place to collect ideas and look at some travel pictures that may pique your wanderlust. Create a board and pin some images to store away and research. Once you’ve gotten around to finding out the destination, you can decide if it’s your kind of trip or not. 

Another way to decide your travel destination is by searching Google Flights and find out costs of flying to random destinations. You may be surprised at what you find. It’s also a neat way to find some deals you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten if you have a fixed destination in mind. You may even end up going to amazing places you wouldn’t have otherwise considered before. 

The next step? Deciding how much you can afford to spend 

Your budget often dictates how long you can travel and many other factors. This can even be something you decide first thing—if you don’t find it way too limiting. Understanding your budget and planning things around it would create a realistic plan for you. You can also set a plan in saving up. Save as early as possible. Travel can be so overwhelming for you if you’re pressed for budget at the last minute.